Copilot for Enterprise Sales

Veles is the only pricing calculator that gives sales teams the confidence to close bigger deals. Train our copilot on your sales data to make every rep a top performer.


Simple, yet powerful ways to
make every rep a top performer.

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Pricing Calculator

Intuitive pricing tool for sales teams to accurately build proposals & quotes.

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Quote analytics

Gain unique insights into how your sales team sells your products.

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A/B Testing

Veles' provides the only platform to A/B test pricing in a sales lead motion.

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Machine learning

Based on historic performance, Veles learns the best path to increasing deal size for every rep.

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Connect Veles to your CRM, Database, CPQ, and much more.

Pricing Analytics

Benchmark how sales reps are building and presenting pricing against the go-to-market strategy.

Monitor Pricing Performance

Understand which products are being quoted and at which pricing points to ensure you maximize revenue.

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Product Metrics

Track when products are included in proposals and how they are discounted.

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Pricing Metrics

Discounted analysis and optimal pricing by product.

Analyze Rep Performance

Track how sales reps are negotiating, discounting, offering concessions, and presenting pricing to your customers.

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Team Dashboard

Get clear insights into which Reps on the team are out performing others and how they negotiate deals differently

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Rep Benchmarking

Compare rep's quote activity and concessions to make every rep a top performer.

Start tracking your quotes to boost your sales

Unlock existing growth potential through robust quoting experience and analytics witih Veles.

Hear what our amazing partners say

Understanding how our sellers are using our pricing during negotiations gives us insights we haven’t had before. Veles makes gather these insights easy.

Scott Grime
Founder & CEO

There is also a lot of information that is lost in the front end of the negotiation. Veles gives us those insights while optimizing a daily activity for salespeople and saving them time.

Caleb Taylor
President & Cofounder

At Procore we saw firsthand the value a well engineered pricing calculator provided reps to close deals faster, increase ASPs,and give the company data on how to perfect pricing.

Danny Siegle
VP of Business Development